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David Čížek e3591e7a64 Car dock analog audio support (fixes CYAN-40 on i9100).
Change-Id: Ie1b26cc1d67ada9c1d639dc6fc6f69fd7504707a
8 years ago
Christian Neumüller 98c6cc4c4c Disable digital noise gate (fixes CYAN-4506).
This fixes CYAN-4505 (Sound cuts out at low volume) [1].
One might think that the digital noise gate (DNG) is better left enabled to
reduce the static noise but in my tests, only the "payload" audio was cut off,
while the static continued. For me it seems that this feature of the sound chip
was not intended for use in a smartphone.

[1]: https://jira.cyanogenmod.org/browse/CYAN-4506.

Change-Id: I4e41c594695f85574ed35e2aef59d6b768403606
9 years ago
Andrew Dodd cdc1a96ac0 mc1n2: Opensource audio HAL from Replicant
Thanks to Paul Kocialkowski of the Replicant project for this work.

Original sources:


Change-Id: Ia3d89c67d64decb56e3d6518c5f382d38e5a1fa9
11 years ago