350 Commits (adhoc-dev)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Fivel Sotheby 8d30e869a3 Resize system and user data partitions 5 months ago
  Fivel Sotheby bc81aa943e Switched the internal storage from physical to emulated 1 year ago
  Wolfgang Wiedmeyer 2bade55d2a
enable touchkey light in recovery 3 years ago
  Wolfgang Wiedmeyer 56eb470d16
remove bcmdhd.cal 3 years ago
  Wolfgang Wiedmeyer afb08ef40c
releasetools: also rebuild the boot image 3 years ago
  Wolfgang Wiedmeyer cc9124177c
releasetools: remove unused img and ota scripts 3 years ago
  Wolfgang Wiedmeyer 36ee6d2a58
selinux: allow to install the mfc firmware in recovery 3 years ago
  Wolfgang Wiedmeyer 375710464d
camera: fine-tune parameters 3 years ago
  Wolfgang Wiedmeyer ef2a5420a7
releasetools: fix standalone recovery 3 years ago
  Dominggoes Isakh c70556438d galaxys2-common: Camera: Exit thread properly when focus fails 4 years ago
  Paul Kocialkowski 37c8664812 Standalone recovery kernel build 6 years ago
  Wolfgang Wiedmeyer 24bf4db81b
Audio-RIL-Interface: implement mic_mute 3 years ago
  Wolfgang Wiedmeyer 564cb0a1b8
selinux: give rild the necessary permissions 3 years ago
  Jookia 735df82261 Remove all GPS code. 3 years ago
  Wolfgang Wiedmeyer 24de677463
Don't expect the existence of the blob repo 3 years ago
  Jookia 640eb97c43 Remove unused proprietary RIL wrapping code. 3 years ago
  Paul Kocialkowski 9b6470665a Home key to select item in recovery 6 years ago
  Paul Kocialkowski 7bf07b5b39 Audio-RIL-Interface: Keep up with libsrs-client 6 years ago
  Paul Kocialkowski edb07659ae camera: RGB565 preview format 6 years ago
  Paul Kocialkowski 7bd9be819b Yamaha-MC1N2-Audio target path and device 6 years ago
  Paul Kocialkowski 2647ccb842 tinyalsa-audio belongs in hardware/tinyalsa-audio 6 years ago
  Paul Kocialkowski aa9dc1a5ac Audio-RIL-Interface 6 years ago
  Paul Kocialkowski 371536a490 Samsung-RIL 6 years ago
  Paul Kocialkowski cc887fc861 Bluetooth firmware patch file chip name 6 years ago
  Paul Kocialkowski 163ef38a6a WiFi and bluetooth firmwares paths 6 years ago
  Paul Kocialkowski 46f5cb89d6 Avoid proprietary libfimc 6 years ago
  Paul Kocialkowski c43ee4d0c4 SoftwareGL 6 years ago
  Arnab Chaudhuri db66d93fea galaxys2-common: Enable sending and receiving Mms when mobile data 4 years ago
  rINanDO b7fa70df69 galaxys2-common: Camera: HAL improvements and fixes 4 years ago
  Andrei Măceș 03471a035a Use 2 zRAM compression streams (now that our driver can) 4 years ago
  Caio Schnepper 4dc57270d8 galaxys2-common: Cleanup unused flags 4 years ago
  Ziyan 3a44be3ded init: increase read-ahead value to 256 kb 4 years ago
  Caio Schnepper fb4b3cc9c3 galaxys2-common: Address SELinux denials 4 years ago
  Caio Schnepper 255e5dd84b galaxys2-common: Update proprietary file list 4 years ago
  rINanDO fa1f8ab808 galaxys2-common: Camera: Fix front camera issues. 4 years ago
  Lanchon 5ecdb14422 galaxys2-common: build an IsoRec-style recovery.img 4 years ago
  Caio Schnepper f94f7a8e0b galaxys2-common: Remove low latency audio 4 years ago
  rINanDO 9a33a71267 galaxys2-common: enable auto power modes 4 years ago
  Simon Shields e8efd4ccc5 galaxys2-common: commonize AdvancedDisplay [2/3] 4 years ago
  Arnab Chaudhuri 2415f7d812 galaxys2-common: Optimize f2fs performance 4 years ago
  Michael Bestas 59ba9ce0c3 Automatic translation import 4 years ago
  Arnab Chaudhuri 86f63903f9 galaxys2-common: Add f2fs filesystem support 4 years ago
  Michael Bestas 4319094e44 Automatic translation import 4 years ago
  rINanDO c7b66067af galaxys2-common: Allow flashlight to use wakelock 4 years ago
  Michael Bestas feb112a35f Automatic translation import 4 years ago
  Caio Schnepper 691144d5a6 galaxys2-common: Fix macloader SELinux denial 4 years ago
  Caio Schnepper 20a3e661ad galaxys2-common: Clean up radio acess families 4 years ago
  Simon Shields 0645c2e2ac galaxys2-common: fake GET_RADIO_CAPABILITY response 4 years ago
  Caio Schnepper ebb9e69395 galaxys2-common: Bring SamsungExynos4RIL inline with framework 4 years ago
  Caio Schnepper d9436af729 galaxys2-common: Fix MTP permission 4 years ago