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Wolfgang Wiedmeyer 56eb470d16
remove bcmdhd.cal
Signed-off-by: Wolfgang Wiedmeyer <wolfgit@wiedmeyer.de>
6 years ago
Jookia 735df82261 Remove all GPS code.
Currently gpswrapper causes a crash when booting, so for now remove it. But
since we're removing that, remove the rest of it while we're at it. If people
want to use the GPS, they can revert this commit.
6 years ago
Wolfgang Wiedmeyer 24de677463
Don't expect the existence of the blob repo
Signed-off-by: Wolfgang Wiedmeyer <wolfgit@wiedmeyer.de>
6 years ago
Jookia 640eb97c43 Remove unused proprietary RIL wrapping code. 6 years ago
Paul Kocialkowski aa9dc1a5ac Audio-RIL-Interface
Signed-off-by: Paul Kocialkowski <contact@paulk.fr>
6 years ago
Paul Kocialkowski 371536a490 Samsung-RIL
Conflict: "initial L bringup" adds rmnet0,rmnet1 to interfaces, leave it.
6 years ago
Paul Kocialkowski c43ee4d0c4 SoftwareGL
Note: Not sure what extra config to remove, so just remove EGL_* for now.
6 years ago
Caio Schnepper f94f7a8e0b galaxys2-common: Remove low latency audio
The sound stutter too much with it

Change-Id: If1633e7e7de18f6dd2d9a34165c8c71a563bef45
7 years ago
Arnab Chaudhuri 86f63903f9 galaxys2-common: Add f2fs filesystem support
Change-Id: I593fe2057a057e7fcf73a6158df7646ad1a9bceb
7 years ago
Arnab Chaudhuri 2719b51abc galaxys2-common: Update Wi-Fi configuration
Change-Id: I83c0c08e06db8c9275047c9f4c7f6d8c87ec5a68
8 years ago
Caio Schnepper 51b674be05 galaxys2-common: Use ril-wrapper to stop libsec-ril from crashing
Based off dmitry-ril for the Nexus S

Change-Id: I867118237062997c0459e0fb5749b128849f903c
8 years ago
rogersb11 65b0134d71 Remove busybox static build
Change-Id: I05bada477996169814955459de457a614299c3c6
8 years ago
Arne Coucheron 59bc317680 galaxys2-common: Shim library for missing symbols in Samsung blobs
Change-Id: Ie67016ecdc5df7a18debd07bcb923886dcacb8a0
8 years ago
Nick Kralevich 139ef47e40 galaxys2-common: Remove persist.sys.usb.config override
The variable persist.sys.usb.config is no longer honored by the framework,
and it's presence causes unnecessary toggling of the USB driver,
which disonnects ADB and makes the device's connection unstable.

Delete it.

Bug: 21404762
Bug: 18905620
Change-Id: I0666d2044a63c78232af8a1622bf3d01ed44b1ca
8 years ago
Caio Schnepper fecc190038 galaxys2-common: Remove deprecated USB OTG property
Change-Id: I9a1f9c588b6d68996deec5dc9349b7fa8dc62e87
8 years ago
Caio Schnepper 9f7f2c612e Remove unneeded torch package
Change-Id: I6c98d3e9f153afcb26b59f3a62d5b29cbf8f7ad9
8 years ago
David Daynard 1ea17b666c nuke sii9234_rcp
Every once in awhile the bug crops up again whenever the upstream fix
for it breaks. Let's just future-proof it now

Change-Id: I31d7e013110c35d35839546f6e2449bef807cbdf
8 years ago
Caio Schnepper 8feed3c151 galaxys2-common: don't copy ffmpeg config anymore
Change-Id: If1100b2388d738f3c3edb0f46220106312d1082a
8 years ago
Caio Schnepper b0d7d4fa6f releasetools: resize system partition after flashing
resize2fs.static is placed in install/bin, possible to run without /system mounted.
running it will resize /system to the actual system partition size,
supporting custom pits with block-based OTAs

Change-Id: Id2c82add1f697ae3d7e5a1031f6a6d51a4ee53e0
8 years ago
Caio Schnepper ecc3d13410 galaxys2: initial L bringup
Change-Id: Ia356da8437917be3355eba59c1df3943bb33f905
8 years ago
zachd 79ebe886df galaxys2: Add audio.r_submix.default for casting
Change-Id: I43105e53aca6802f68bbd6ce155eda8d334e0eba
9 years ago
Ricardo Cerqueira 01c7ed697f galaxys2: add AdvancedDisplay
This partially reverts commit 99d12c6a90,
we want to reuse some of it. The implementation appears to be fully
compatible with smdk4412's, so let's make this a common thing at
some point

Change-Id: I080484ad010f881a22a4486a6c082d0fbc17a529
9 years ago
Eddy Witkamp 4ed4fda078 galaxys2-common: Enable Bluetooth LE feature
based on http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=45493157&postcount=13

Change-Id: I9d3ed6d7f8c4606ddcca46f44947352e465bab76
10 years ago
Daniel Hillenbrand c732db8251 Merge "Fix graphical issues" into cm-11.0 10 years ago
Pavel Kirpichyov 8ba972883d Fix graphical issues
Change-Id: Iafeb4349fa504b5a5f7d72afd3274581de5b2ddc
10 years ago
Pavel Kirpichyov 3ab7cadab0 Fix build error
Since directory system/bluetooth does not exists

Change-Id: I05c60a21bf5c5d9efc1e5804133083676e2cd103
10 years ago
Ricardo Cerqueira e31957ea60 Get rid of the gfx buffer workarounds
Concurrent buffers are now working, we don't need this crap anymore

Change-Id: I80c35bb67c41e9c61faeb6f3cd80d3e9033f9641
10 years ago
Daniel Hillenbrand fe8300b87c Merge "galaxys2: add netflix hack" into cm-10.2 10 years ago
Daniel Hillenbrand e4cfa197f1 galaxys2: require vendor
Change-Id: I09130a30aa412f1221ee0a771483494da5f16c95
10 years ago
Ricardo Cerqueira b577559a06 galaxys2: add netflix hack
Change-Id: I77b4e3a5797133acc392e27227ce7ecb401458f0
10 years ago
chasmodo 1dbbb4c020 hwui: Disable partial invalidations
Simple 4210 implementation of this 4412 commit:

Change-Id: Ic0ced4e8ce5522b2dc1bda2ecf56d53c83f86fd2
10 years ago
Daniel Hillenbrand 176325f6f5 galaxys2: recovery.rc cleanup, fstab cleanup
Change-Id: I38666e98f2536bdaf0721d1da6fccda3f9dd96ee
10 years ago
codeworkx c8bd2229ad galaxys2: add property for legacy egl
Change-Id: I11716fb04146b2fcc1438c52b0cb9467d5fe06ed
10 years ago
codeworkx b59a56ec4e galaxys2: unified fstab
Change-Id: Ie4d0c977aa509914d0b6270b01f3b9661430309b
10 years ago
Daniel Hillenbrand 2d4c52900e galaxys2: move libril, use SamsungExynos4RIL class
Change-Id: Idec0820fa46fabd0d4703fedef3e6b168b96e800
10 years ago
Daniel Hillenbrand 447bff4bbc galaxys2: loop ringtones, cleanup unused props
Change-Id: Ieec8981f495aacb6e6ce14a52a72935296b55de3
10 years ago
Daniel Hillenbrand 770ea9ca3d galaxys2: libril: remove handling of uusInfo and reenable
Change-Id: I7897a5d36bb5fa51e29f5244ebfbfc81f225f6cf
10 years ago
Daniel Hillenbrand a6256201b5 galaxys2: back to blob libril
opensource libril is causing memory problems

Change-Id: I3afc5430bcb52c4e31e2e79b1b2faf4bf53b4e3e
10 years ago
Daniel Hillenbrand 8829d2cfbc galaxys2: add opensource libril, remove ril class
- remove blob rild
- remove blob libril.so

Change-Id: I9f6d99bbd0ecf7c591c64a53e738339f0eaa3905
10 years ago
angelsl 2ce8745485 galaxys2-common: Use open source libsecion.
Change-Id: Ia26e3d30e80058a58d720034755ae4c666ca8db6
Signed-off-by: angelsl <hidingfromhidden@gmail.com>
10 years ago
codeworkx 2806d8bfe0 galaxys2: update for new kernel, cleanup, replicant camera hal
Camera HAL from: http://gitorious.org/replicant/device_samsung_galaxys2

Change-Id: I4191110be5b3368c608333d724f4217894dab4ac
10 years ago
Andrew Dodd cdc1a96ac0 mc1n2: Opensource audio HAL from Replicant
Thanks to Paul Kocialkowski of the Replicant project for this work.

Original sources:


Change-Id: Ia3d89c67d64decb56e3d6518c5f382d38e5a1fa9
11 years ago
codeworkx fd9472ca4b galaxys2: build gralloc, hwcomposer and libnetcmdiface
Change-Id: Id9e85f131726600ec904f523a8792c4ed67607ed
11 years ago
codeworkx 44d3f4db75 common: use SamsungExynos4RIL class
Change-Id: Ieae687ee5ed3f36d5d87509ed3d2b5672e7bc26d
11 years ago
Daniel Hillenbrand 7b18a619be Revert "Update board config for new audio blobs"
This reverts commit 56156d359a
11 years ago
Espen Fjellvær Olsen 56156d359a Update board config for new audio blobs
Change-Id: I82d2a6856d76c1a758c502fd99ad0931ef7f2eed
11 years ago
Andrew Dodd 6f4d2ebc76 Do not build libsync
It is a not a dependency of any hwcomposer that functions properly
on Exynos 4210 devices.  Only Exynos 4412 (I9300 JB) hwc depends
on it.

Change-Id: I7f964566ee177382501c148e19a0b4de012231d6
11 years ago
Espen Fjellvær Olsen 647c319a6e Update for JB/Mali r3p0
Change-Id: I911c4679f9c8d0aed62516514a3eb48521d86f66
11 years ago
Andrew Dodd c9a68f6c5a Revert "galaxys2: Let devices copy init script"
Codeworkx suggested a better approach for N7000 GPS.
This reverts commit 80b9b4bd85.
11 years ago
Andrew Dodd 80b9b4bd85 galaxys2: Let devices copy init script
GT-I9100 and SGH-I777 share an init script - keep the script
here but let the device tree copy it.

This lets us fork the GT-N7000 init script, which is different
11 years ago