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x220 Coreboot Setup

Configuration and helper script for easy build, assembly and installation of Coreboot on the Thinkpad X220

This setup keeps the descriptor, gbe config and Intel ME from the stock BIOS, neutralizes the Intel ME by removing most of its partitions with me_cleaner and prepares a flash image with Coreboot using SeaBIOS+GRUB with LUKS+LVM support as the default payload


./cb-helper operation [parameters]

Alternatively the auto-run script can be launched to automatically run through all the operations in order, provided a valid BIOS stock image as been placed in "binaries/bios.bin"


coreboot.config - Coreboot build configuration

grub.config - GRUB build configuration

grub.cfg - GRUB configuration and boot menu

grub_memdisk.cfg - GRUB configuration inside the memdisk

grub_modules.conf - GRUB modules, installed and loaded



Download repositories for Coreboot, GRUB and me_cleaner


Build useful utilities like cbfstool and idftool


Splits the stock bios ("binaries/bios.bin") into descriptor, gbe configuration and Intel ME


Neutralize Intel ME by removing most of its partitions using me_cleaner


Copy config files and build Coreboot's toolchain


Build Coreboot


Build GRUB


Assembles configurations and resources in a nice usable GRUB payload


Configure SeaBIOS to boot GRUB directly from the CBFS volume


Install the GRUB payload and configuration in the CBFS volume

flash operation programmer

Read or write flash chips with a multitude of programmers

Valid operations: check, read, write

Valid programmers: internal, ftdi, u2, rpi


config/grub.cfg, config/grub_modules.conf and misc/usqwerty.gkb are based on their Libreboot counterparts which are released under the GNU GPLv3

The font DejaVuSans Mono is used in GRUB and is licensed under a free license

Converted to bitmap with the following command

grub/grub-mkfont --size=24 --bold -o "misc/dejavusansmono.pf2" /usr/share/fonts/TTF/DejaVuSansMono.ttf


This entire project is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 3