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Jessica Wagantall b22bca465e
Android 6.0.1 Release 72 (M4B30X)
7 years ago
atrace DO NOT MERGE: add support for new sched tracepoint 7 years ago
bugreport Don't use TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY on close in frameworks/native. 8 years ago
dumpstate DO NOT MERGE: dumpstate: execute procrank using su 7 years ago
dumpsys add dumpsys -l to list available services 10 years ago
flatland GLConsumer: Stop using default constructor params 9 years ago
installd Android 6.0.1 release 22 7 years ago
ip-up-vpn Include the VPN server IP address in the VPN state file. 9 years ago
rawbu Add a note about emulated sdcard in rawbu usage dump 10 years ago
service Add support for int64, float, double types to service command. 8 years ago
servicemanager ServiceManager: Allow system services running as secondary users to add services 7 years ago