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173210 6069b629fa Add a new device: sc02c 5 years ago
AdvancedDisplay Automatic translation import 5 years ago
bluetooth bluetooth: Update config 7 years ago
camera galaxys2-common: fix front cam video recording 6 years ago
configs Enable use of FFMPEG codecs for extended formats 6 years ago
gpswrapper initial commit 8 years ago
include galaxys2-common: Update RIL header to v9 [2/2] 6 years ago
libhealthd [libhealthd] Proper battery paths 6 years ago
overlay Add soft-reboot option 6 years ago
recovery galaxys2-common: Update recovery_keys 6 years ago
releasetools galaxys2: Handle boot.img properly in ota script 6 years ago
res/charger initial commit 8 years ago
rootdir Correct the interface name of Bluetooth PAN. 5 years ago
selinux SELinux: Remove duplicate rule 6 years ago
tinyalsa_audio galaxys2-common: cleanup tinyalsa audio flag inheritance 6 years ago
yamaha-mc1n2-audio Disable digital noise gate (fixes CYAN-4506). 6 years ago Add a new device: sc02c 5 years ago galaxys2-common: this family of devices do not have a separate recovery partition 6 years ago galaxys2: Add audio.r_submix.default for casting 6 years ago Add a new device: sc02c 5 years ago
proprietary-files.txt galaxys2-common: Use open source libsecion. 7 years ago initial commit 8 years ago