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Fivel Sotheby 8d30e869a3 Resize system and user data partitions
Double the size of the system partition

Increasce user data, taking over the space previously reserved for UMS
2020-04-22 21:32:22 +01:00
Wolfgang Wiedmeyer cc9124177c
releasetools: remove unused img and ota scripts
Boot and recovery are already regenerated when running the
sign_target_files_apks script, so GetBootableImage is never called in
the img and ota scripts. It wouldn't work anyway as the function
parameters have changed.

Signed-off-by: Wolfgang Wiedmeyer <wolfgit@wiedmeyer.de>
2017-02-15 01:46:18 +01:00
Jookia 640eb97c43 Remove unused proprietary RIL wrapping code. 2017-01-10 10:58:57 +01:00
Paul Kocialkowski 7bd9be819b Yamaha-MC1N2-Audio target path and device
Signed-off-by: Paul Kocialkowski <contact@paulk.fr>
2017-01-10 10:47:47 +01:00
Paul Kocialkowski 371536a490 Samsung-RIL
Conflict: "initial L bringup" adds rmnet0,rmnet1 to interfaces, leave it.
2017-01-10 10:42:40 +01:00
Paul Kocialkowski 163ef38a6a WiFi and bluetooth firmwares paths
Signed-off-by: Paul Kocialkowski <contact@paulk.fr>
2017-01-10 10:37:57 +01:00
Paul Kocialkowski 46f5cb89d6 Avoid proprietary libfimc
Signed-off-by: Paul Kocialkowski <contact@paulk.fr>
2017-01-10 10:36:39 +01:00
Paul Kocialkowski c43ee4d0c4 SoftwareGL
Note: Not sure what extra config to remove, so just remove EGL_* for now.
2017-01-10 10:34:09 +01:00
Caio Schnepper 4dc57270d8 galaxys2-common: Cleanup unused flags
Change-Id: I7583b6183ebe4bdfd4009b1910afb8967ea863c2
2016-07-01 17:38:54 -07:00
Arnab Chaudhuri 86f63903f9 galaxys2-common: Add f2fs filesystem support
Change-Id: I593fe2057a057e7fcf73a6158df7646ad1a9bceb
2016-02-23 11:10:42 -08:00
Caio Schnepper 39b0764d80 galaxys2-common: Use synchronous setsurface
Fix screen flashing bug

Change-Id: Ie9622357bc24d6f8df7bba27d38e6d1e64a5ba72
2015-12-29 21:11:24 -08:00
Caio Schnepper ed1dbed2dd galaxys2-common: Disable ashmem tracking in parcels
Change-Id: I4195a2087cf1bde323f8467ada115903ea1f1897
2015-12-21 20:09:14 -08:00
Caio Schnepper d1a4c287e3 Fix typo
Change-Id: Icf78ba5b727314773c3f5b8cb10f75d630f23cbe
2015-12-21 20:08:17 -08:00
Caio Schnepper bd53ac7fc1 galaxys2-common: Add BOARD_EGL_NEEDS_HANDLE_VALUE flag
Fix reboots on device wakeup

Change-Id: I9b18d6cba40a28a7949934cda2f8296bc1632530
2015-11-26 23:09:14 -02:00
Caio Schnepper 641716d659 galaxys2-common: Drop BOARD_SEPOLICY_UNION
Change-Id: Iea184c81ab1c26969b62c3ee0366d7e641926ffe
2015-10-13 22:22:19 -03:00
Caio Schnepper da596530e9 galaxys2-common: Use dlmalloc
Change-Id: I79c1c1580a42f75cfa7bfc436fa5ec6f5070b9c8
2015-10-08 15:25:11 -03:00
Caio Schnepper 25d1995862 galaxys2-common: Cleanup common tree
- res/charger .pngs are not used anymore, we adopted aosp charging animation
- setprop ro.crypto.keyfile.userdata /efs/metadata is not used anymore,
crypto key is now at /data footer

Change-Id: I1abc3b5d2a12027c4f461ea2d1ad21ba51e5c60e
2015-10-08 10:23:44 -07:00
Caio Schnepper 8e74055376 Move encryption key to footer
Fixes the "format_volume: failed to open /efs/metadata" error on recovery
while trying to wipe user data

Change-Id: Ic3f72d72fc34495ec05deffd8aa849bcfa65b29c
2015-10-05 12:24:47 -07:00
Caio Schnepper 1c708f0110 sepolicy: Address SELinux denials
Change-Id: Ice8f2890fbade59d063097ac3ee3647f24e8d3ad
2015-09-02 16:40:38 -07:00
Caio Schnepper 376b96446e selinux: allow kernel to write on block_device
The kernel writes to dev/block/vold, fix UMS mode

Change-Id: I4b8fd54f86ae45f37bae68f31dbdc56f5bfd2ef0
2015-07-14 12:37:19 -07:00
Caio Schnepper b0d7d4fa6f releasetools: resize system partition after flashing
resize2fs.static is placed in install/bin, possible to run without /system mounted.
running it will resize /system to the actual system partition size,
supporting custom pits with block-based OTAs

Change-Id: Id2c82add1f697ae3d7e5a1031f6a6d51a4ee53e0
2015-07-05 19:06:21 -03:00
Caio Schnepper ecc3d13410 galaxys2: initial L bringup
Change-Id: Ia356da8437917be3355eba59c1df3943bb33f905
2015-05-28 18:29:17 -03:00
Dorian Snyder 9d5e065be4 galaxys2-common: this family of devices do not have a separate recovery partition
Change-Id: I3fd55b82e0f0655f50d821579f7c412ed24d3928
2014-05-29 23:24:59 -07:00
coudu 3beddf93cf galaxys2: enable swipe controls in recovery
Change-Id: I3f8dac89d7d4b477ee412ad923f2798e674a7e4a
2014-03-04 03:07:10 +00:00
Daniel Hillenbrand a342fe2496 Merge "Make SELinux policies more 4.4 compatible" into cm-11.0 2013-12-03 08:21:11 +00:00
Pavel Kirpichyov b67b732a0c Make SELinux policies more 4.4 compatible
Change-Id: I8494f924f1d979fe88eae60ffc118cf34a90184c
2013-11-18 19:08:10 +02:00
David Ferguson 92673a8d71 [libhealthd] Proper battery paths
* 4.4 introduces a new daemon, healthd, that handles battery status
    - resides in: /system/core/healthd
    - BatteryMonitor.cpp iterates through all the *directories* under
      /sys/class/power_supply looking for a file called 'type'
    - if the type == Battery, it assumes this is the location for the
      battery stats for the device. Only the first directory that matches
      this criteria is used.
    - on msm8660/d2/jf/s2 kernels, this search results in:
    - To determine capacity, healthd looks at the contents of the
      'capacity' file under this discovered base path. This results
      in /sys/class/power_supply/fuelgauge/capacity on msm8660/d2/jf/s2
    - Unfortunately, this is the wrong path. The capacity file at this
      location returns a large negative number.
    - Other paths like status, voltage_now, and present are also
      incorrectly determined.
  * For comparison, in 4.3 battery statistics gathering was handled by
    - BatteryService does a similar search for a file called 'type' with
      the contents of 'Battery'
    - But the search logic is different here: it takes the *last* path that
      matches the criteria.
    - This results in the correct /sys/class/power_supply/battery
  * This patch overrides the discovery mechanism for battery status completely.

Change-Id: I4579c92bba5596eef4dac67b8c0687be50a1d2f5
2013-11-17 19:17:26 +04:00
Pavel Kirpichyov 8ba972883d Fix graphical issues
Change-Id: Iafeb4349fa504b5a5f7d72afd3274581de5b2ddc
2013-11-15 17:57:15 +04:00
Ricardo Cerqueira 5ad50bc3af selinux: Don't reset inherited system-wide configs
Change-Id: Ia23596bc4ad8a1fe7673188434b7327528e07c06
2013-11-02 00:05:52 +00:00
Ricardo Cerqueira 6295bc69ca Treat all screenshots as going to a CPU consumer
Change-Id: Iee55fa03d9602f31a3b7f4f188778c58e8ca0131
2013-10-27 00:14:09 +01:00
Ricardo Cerqueira e31957ea60 Get rid of the gfx buffer workarounds
Concurrent buffers are now working, we don't need this crap anymore

Change-Id: I80c35bb67c41e9c61faeb6f3cd80d3e9033f9641
2013-10-27 00:13:12 +01:00
Daniel Hillenbrand 176325f6f5 galaxys2: recovery.rc cleanup, fstab cleanup
Change-Id: I38666e98f2536bdaf0721d1da6fccda3f9dd96ee
2013-08-24 16:55:25 +02:00
Daniel Hillenbrand 2798599884 galaxys2: add selinux policies
Change-Id: I52a914da94f5c331b4928cb2e79d8fa5a0c0c41c
2013-08-11 16:28:40 +02:00
codeworkx 8fe2f3a21b galaxys2-common: hardware tunables: vibrator support
Change-Id: I429d8ea2edddaf353c3f24cbc26d58df0cb30e69
2013-08-10 17:16:39 +02:00
XpLoDWilD 6a71b5c1b0 BoardCommonConfig: Add LEGACY_EGL flag
Change-Id: Ifa96a6f3846a9ad85dc7eb3a81605b64272f900f
2013-08-06 21:39:41 +02:00
codeworkx 024854b51d galaxys2: recovery: use unified fstab
Change-Id: I82fbfa87a4e0c0dc4d1a6bbe94b99f91bb5e8fa3
2013-08-04 16:47:13 +02:00
codeworkx 3b8230bbf2 galaxys2: remove GL_EXT_discard_framebuffer
Change-Id: If1204d3b57ce106490d88d61dece1dcd1d0adf4a
2013-07-28 16:09:47 +02:00
codeworkx f8fa0efdee galaxys2: fix whitespace error
Change-Id: I566e1f9146d26d7ae860cacf46c4b51244d3fd9d
2013-07-28 00:51:40 +02:00
codeworkx 2bc3ab6fb8 galaxys2: define GL_EXT_discard_framebuffer
Change-Id: I7843e8770b9bde5cef0144ac11fd27dbe02623ff
2013-07-28 00:38:12 +02:00
codeworkx cbb55f4d26 galaxys2: set TARGET_CPU_VARIANT
Change-Id: I363c67ab0a4768e3a38b5523961a5fe802a58dda
2013-07-28 00:36:50 +02:00
Daniel Hillenbrand 2d4c52900e galaxys2: move libril, use SamsungExynos4RIL class
Change-Id: Idec0820fa46fabd0d4703fedef3e6b168b96e800
2013-07-07 10:14:32 +02:00
ghepeu 3251033a84 galaxys2: reenable fimg
Change-Id: I87d90d655fd82f2169f08afeda9d51de607fcab5
2013-07-01 13:04:05 +02:00
Daniel Hillenbrand f462edcc44 Revert "galaxys2: use fimg"
This reverts commit 5cce906553

Change-Id: I25178feaf07b8785e89e233a5151213f4e322066
2013-06-24 07:47:34 -07:00
Daniel Hillenbrand 5cce906553 galaxys2: use fimg
Change-Id: I450a2016c8f2c668e3a96e8ae09a36c76e542009
2013-06-14 23:20:17 +02:00
Daniel Hillenbrand 770ea9ca3d galaxys2: libril: remove handling of uusInfo and reenable
Change-Id: I7897a5d36bb5fa51e29f5244ebfbfc81f225f6cf
2013-05-26 00:47:40 +02:00
Daniel Hillenbrand a6256201b5 galaxys2: back to blob libril
opensource libril is causing memory problems

Change-Id: I3afc5430bcb52c4e31e2e79b1b2faf4bf53b4e3e
2013-05-25 21:55:29 +02:00
Daniel Hillenbrand 8829d2cfbc galaxys2: add opensource libril, remove ril class
- remove blob rild
- remove blob libril.so

Change-Id: I9f6d99bbd0ecf7c591c64a53e738339f0eaa3905
2013-05-24 12:31:07 +02:00
sakindia123 a5c2f1d71b BoardConfig: Add Cortex-A9 & Neon optimization
Change-Id: I141a4883da272ce7057fe2b78d3d590624f219ef
2013-03-05 17:04:57 +00:00
codeworkx 8007493654 galaxys2: remove legacy egl hack
Change-Id: I697bc350835a1b8ceac0d98216820f451b817439
2013-02-23 01:41:50 +00:00
codeworkx 2806d8bfe0 galaxys2: update for new kernel, cleanup, replicant camera hal
Camera HAL from: http://gitorious.org/replicant/device_samsung_galaxys2

Change-Id: I4191110be5b3368c608333d724f4217894dab4ac
2013-02-17 20:28:22 +00:00