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# Settings which are to be moved to CMSettings
# Automatically generated by vendor/cmsdk/host/migration/src/
Row: 0 name=status_bar_battery_style, type=s, value=2, type=s
Row: 1 name=enable_forward_lookup, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 2 name=enable_people_lookup, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 3 name=enable_reverse_lookup, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 4 name=qs_quick_pulldown, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 5 name=display_auto_outdoor_mode, type=s, value=-1, type=s
Row: 6 name=home_wake_screen, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 7 name=back_wake_screen, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 8 name=menu_wake_screen, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 9 name=assist_wake_screen, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 10 name=app_switch_wake_screen, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 11 name=status_bar_clock, type=s, value=2, type=s
Row: 12 name=status_bar_show_battery_percent, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 13 name=reverse_lookup_provider, type=s, value=OpenCnam, type=s
Row: 14 name=live_display_hinted, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 15 name=status_bar_ime_switcher, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 16 name=edge_service_for_gestures, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 17 name=people_lookup_provider, type=s, value=WhitePages, type=s
Row: 18 name=forward_lookup_provider, type=s, value=Google, type=s
Row: 19 name=status_bar_show_weather, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 20 name=system_profiles_enabled, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 21 name=proximity_on_wake, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 22 name=display_low_power, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 23 name=display_color_enhance, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 24 name=increasing_ring_ramp_up_time, type=s, value=10, type=s
Row: 25 name=increasing_ring_start_vol, type=s, value=0.487, type=s
Row: 26 name=display_temperature_night, type=s, value=2800, type=s
Row: 27 name=camera_launch, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 28 name=nav_buttons, type=s, value=empty|back|home|recent|empty|menu0, type=s
Row: 29 name=increasing_ring, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 30 name=volume_adjust_sounds_enabled, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 31 name=display_temperature_mode, type=s, value=2, type=s
Row: 32 name=display_temperature_day, type=s, value=5600, type=s
Row: 33 name=display_color_adjustment, type=s, value=0.999982 0.999982 0.999982, type=s
Row: 34 name=double_tap_sleep_gesture, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 35 name=recents_show_search_bar, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 36 name=battery_light_enabled, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 37 name=battery_light_pulse, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 38 name=battery_light_low_color, type=s, value=-55513, type=s
Row: 39 name=battery_light_medium_color, type=s, value=-113, type=s
Row: 40 name=battery_light_full_color, type=s, value=-16722688, type=s
Row: 41 name=notification_light_pulse_default_color, type=s, value=-848184, type=s
Row: 42 name=notification_light_pulse_default_led_on, type=s, value=1000, type=s
Row: 43 name=notification_light_pulse_default_led_off, type=s, value=6000, type=s
Row: 44 name=notification_light_screen_on_enable, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 45 name=notification_light_pulse_call_color, type=s, value=-4288625, type=s
Row: 46 name=notification_light_pulse_call_led_on, type=s, value=1000, type=s
Row: 47 name=notification_light_pulse_call_led_off, type=s, value=6000, type=s
Row: 48 name=notification_light_pulse_vmail_color, type=s, value=-4568759, type=s
Row: 49 name=notification_light_pulse_vmail_led_on, type=s, value=1000, type=s
Row: 50 name=notification_light_pulse_vmail_led_off, type=s, value=6000, type=s
Row: 51 name=notification_light_pulse_custom_enable, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 52 name=lockscreen_scramble_pin_layout, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 53 name=navigation_bar_left, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 54 name=navigation_bar_menu_arrow_keys, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 55 name=camera_sleep_on_release, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 56 name=camera_wake_screen, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 57 name=volume_wake_screen, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 58 name=volbtn_music_controls, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 59 name=volume_keys_control_ring_stream, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 60 name=swap_volume_keys_on_rotation, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 61 name=status_bar_brightness_control, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 62 name=status_bar_notif_count, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 63 name=dev_force_show_navbar, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 64 name=stats_collection, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 65 name=advanced_mode, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 66 name=default_theme_package, type=s, value=com.cyngn.hexo, type=s
Row: 67 name=default_theme_components, type=s, value=mods_overlays|mods_status_bar|mods_navigation_bar|mods_icons|mods_homescreen|mods_fonts, type=s
Row: 68 name=live_display_color_matrix, type=s, value=NULL, type=NULL
Row: 69 name=navigation_ring_targets_0, type=s, value=assist, type=s
Row: 70 name=navigation_ring_targets_1, type=s, value=assist, type=s
Row: 71 name=navigation_ring_targets_2, type=s, value=assist, type=s
Row: 72 name=theme_prev_boot_api_level, type=s, value=22, type=s
Row: 73 name=qs_show_brightness_slider, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 74 name=recents_long_press_activity, type=s, value=torch, type=s
Row: 75 name=lockscreen_target_actions, type=s, value=default|#Intent;actionandroid.intent.action.MAIN;categoryandroid.intent.category.LAUNCHER;;end, type=s
Row: 76 name=device_hostname, type=s, value=android-932989077997886b, type=s
Row: 77 name=sysui_qs_main_tiles, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 78 name=privacy_guard_default, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 79 name=protected_components, type=s, value=null, type=s
Row: 80 name=adb_notify, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 81 name=development_shortcut, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 82 name=app_perf_profiles_enabled, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 83 name=performance_profile, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 84 name=sysui_qs_tiles, type=s, value=wifi, type=s
Row: 85 name=volume_link_notification, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 86 name=power_notifications_ringtone, type=s, value=content://settings/system/notification_sound, type=s
Row: 87 name=power_notifications_vibrate, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 88 name=power_notifications_enabled, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 89 name=wake_when_plugged_or_unplugged, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 90 name=zen_disable_ducking_during_media_playback, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 91 name=bluetooth_accept_all_files, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 92 name=call_recording_format, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 93 name=dialer_opencnam_account_sid, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 94 name=dialer_opencnam_auth_token, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 95 name=enable_mwi_notification, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 96 name=key_app_switch_action, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 97 name=key_app_switch_long_press_action, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 98 name=key_assist_action, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 99 name=key_assist_long_press_action, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 100 name=key_home_double_tap_action, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 101 name=key_home_long_press_action, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 102 name=key_menu_action, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 103 name=key_menu_long_press_action, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 104 name=notification_light_brightness_level, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 105 name=notification_light_multiple_leds_enable, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 106 name=notification_light_pulse_custom_values, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 107 name=advanced_reboot, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 108 name=button_backlight_timeout, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 109 name=button_brightness, type=s, value=255, type=s
Row: 110 name=keyboard_brightness, type=s, value=255, type=s
Row: 111 name=kill_app_longpress_back, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 112 name=power_menu_actions, type=s, value=blah, type=s
Row: 113 name=wifi_auto_priority, type=s, value=0, type=s
Row: 114 name=ring_home_button_behavior, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 115 name=show_alarm_icon, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 116 name=status_bar_am_pm, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 117 name=status_bar_quick_qs_pulldown, type=s, value=1, type=s
Row: 118 name=t9_search_input_locale, type=s, value=enUS, type=s