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Marvin W 4ab4cb96b7 Remove Google Play Services dependency
PS2: inline hasGms usage, don't use addprefix for a single entry,
     remove unused imports

Change-Id: I1eb1fb76e4b80e26992599e3511d265abbfa1cd7
2017-02-18 11:38:01 +08:00
Joey Rizzoli d1331884a1 SetupWizard: rebrand to LineageOS
* Rebrand UI
* Add privacy guard to setup
* Disable Cyngn inc MOD platform and account setup
* Make privacy policy view-able again

Change-Id: Iacd60886992ca72d3f75bb21a905d612432751fc
Signed-off-by: Joey Rizzoli <>
2017-01-14 18:36:57 -08:00
cretin45 d35618baef SetupWizard: Run as task affinity
Issue-id: FEIJ-254

Change-Id: Ib841e7dd82d900150229e99ca01f97dfed6bcde9
2016-05-02 12:24:46 -07:00
d34d 8104310592 Themes: Refactor themes to CMSDK [6/6]
Change-Id: I26214e9a71f4d2f5f1b61cf3cabdcdb8bcc098b1
2016-03-01 09:58:55 -08:00
cretin45 56bf4365cf SetupWizard: Request READ_PRIVILEGED_PHONE_STATE perm for sim change events
Issue-id: CYNGNOS-2057

Change-Id: Ie3b0c617249ead069125c13e40b497a3328b0563
2016-02-16 12:34:33 -08:00
cretin45 962f9a89d4 SetupWizard: RIP Whisperpush
Change-Id: I20363cc80dbb1481bd66abb4bd4202212ff37028
2016-02-01 13:52:54 -08:00
d34d 06aa3eb165 Themes: Re-enable applying theme in OOBE
Change-Id: I0b027bff18c3b33fc0a925ee756766ed31740b35
2016-01-28 08:04:18 -08:00
cretin45 f5ec6ac071 SetupWizard: Upgrade sdk to 23
Also remove uneeded perms.

Change-Id: I953e341c30d8d02beffe2031f102379586da4e81
2016-01-12 16:14:41 -08:00
Roman Birg f4f43c6edd Revert "SetupWizard: declare setupwizard category in manifest"
This reverts commit 62f145793a.

Change-Id: Icb686765d4438fb3c8ba919e091d4561a198de73
2016-01-08 10:34:50 -08:00
Roman Birg 62f145793a SetupWizard: declare setupwizard category in manifest
In case there's more than one setup wizard package, we can only grant
permissions to one by default. That is queried by the
Intent.CATEGORY_SETUP_WIZARD which needs to be declared so we are in the
line up to receive the permission.

Change-Id: Ia9bf7ef2dfdaedfc567f038cd860abafa0e2d657
Signed-off-by: Roman Birg <>
2016-01-07 07:54:19 -08:00
Yvonne Wong f29f92dcac Switch SetupWizard to use CMSettings for settings unrelated to bootclasspath
Issue-Id: CYNGNOS-831
Change-Id: Iba8ab05f327360332383c6e93f6a0401e57e846e
2015-10-14 12:40:40 -07:00
Adnan Begovic 56ccf8676f SetupWizard: Remove themechange config change for now.
Change-Id: I4ccaab30a6719723e2d3e92edb5eaa0977e51d1b
2015-10-09 12:36:16 -07:00
Roman Birg 5780dade7e SetupWizard: fix stats permission
Ref: CYNGNOS-1144

Change-Id: I3c9ed01b883134c2c10b1be64ae7e1d319c3df9e
Signed-off-by: Roman Birg <>
2015-09-28 16:50:11 -07:00
Danesh M fa1be773ce Revert "Bump HOME intent priority"
Breaks sim unlock

This reverts commit 4fb57dc022.

Change-Id: I0e90a471b508b9c0c4bc692ff5ca4508cbe5862b
2015-09-15 09:15:46 -07:00
Raj Yengisetty 4fb57dc022 Bump HOME intent priority
Other applications have a higher priority causing some poor
behavior during OOBE (e.g. CryptKeeper). Bumping this to get rid of
some jank during first boot.

issue-id: CYNGNOS-983

Change-Id: I272d1541e22933aa3abd86d2e73c7140eaa4df91
2015-09-11 12:56:06 -07:00
martincz 6c1d791534 SetupWizard: Allow SetupWizard to use CMHW
Change-Id: Ic47824e7219bbf214bd388ad888e2af67ff62f39
2015-09-10 10:13:25 -07:00
cretin45 c5e926d67f SetupWizard: Add hook to finish setup for CTS automation
Change-Id: Ifd7edda671fd8011a9b9ed894333c292cd0c3331
2015-06-17 13:56:09 -07:00
Roman Birg 1fc47a0a79 SetupWizard: allow FINISH_SETUP to be granted via whitelist
Required by

Change-Id: Id3b62c396b5be3497be004f0f3807d8627c4e4da
Signed-off-by: Roman Birg <>
2015-06-15 23:26:35 +00:00
cretin45 7710855b72 SetupWizard: Add kill switch implementation
Change-Id: I1335cddf0dcc94eb8d2defeebdc47cb61abffd06
2015-05-08 11:44:34 -07:00
cretin45 b076a55991 SetupWizard: Use new LegaleseViewer for privacy policy web views
WebViews are no longer allowed in priv-apps.

Change-Id: Iddf9c79d50ea9f9d9d32218342f9948a6cbf30ef
2015-05-06 16:03:38 -07:00
cretin45 714be1a490 SetupWizard: Aggressively hide nav bar on soft key devices
Change-Id: Ic23fd7e605a323411fe2f581235ff3ed45bfcaed
(cherry picked from commit 1d7988a4c78aa8a4c768e8ddb8e0ced2c8f8c530)
2015-04-09 20:35:42 +00:00
Scott Mertz 7732b7485d SetupWizard: move to CmHardwareService
Change-Id: I9413151fe307d23196ea5736dc8c50966a43a7cc
2015-03-07 00:56:09 +00:00
cretin45 ef4cd78d5f SetupWizard: Add metrics for internal builds that ship with CMStats
Change-Id: Id932a105c18332e32605530d1502ff99b7cf380a
2015-03-04 13:08:00 -08:00
cretin45 01f21da16b SetupWizard: Add option to apply default theme if one exists
* A bunch of code cleanup/refactoring to make this work

Change-Id: I059fb5fa5bcd7dd8821e993218a320554f10a314
2015-02-25 14:59:06 -08:00
cretin45 c330e50723 SetupWizard: Don't crash on upgrade from 11
There is no need to have an original package as there is no data to persist.

Change-Id: Ibfa2be22cb20e5c8a93dd2646da0e4f1db2f89ef
2015-02-18 12:14:01 -08:00
cretin45 9d72db9dbe SetupWizard: Reveal the default wallpaper on oobe finish
Change-Id: I68a256853f256af3464da7eba57a307a810d80cd
2015-02-16 16:52:06 -08:00
cretin45 ff2cc6d642 SetupWizard: Fix formatting
Change-Id: I23e49d07766c53893f5948820db01bd764134b22
2015-02-10 12:30:45 -08:00
cretin45 3441abdd57 SetupWizard: Add backup restore
Change-Id: Ide7149eee903cce11dfeb7fb919b707c614c8735
2015-02-03 17:00:17 -08:00
cretin45 d842eed420 SetupWizard: Forward port accessibility
Change-Id: I04e5e02bfb94b9a6c6b6a0e95f1059a710075528
2015-01-27 11:10:09 -08:00
cretin45 202f9273e0 SetupWizard: Don't run wizard if user_setup_complete is set
Change-Id: I2e97ecb4fa0458b117e0250595306706245c9c67
2015-01-26 16:24:05 -08:00
cretin45 48ca24eb9b SetupWizard: Add Cyanogen services page
Change-Id: I39970b1b659a3a7ed3bb5b4350707aa0e53aba24
2015-01-19 14:29:43 -08:00
cretin45 0328b87bf6 SetupWizard: Initial commit 2015-01-15 16:04:44 -08:00