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Yohann Roussel c407643689 -keepclasses is not a proguard option
It looks like proguard is accepting it and make completion to a valid
option even if there's ambiguity beetwen -keepclasseswithmembers and
-keepclasseswithmembernames. Jack is not permitting that kind of
incomplete options, so fixing.

Change-Id: I034e1cb6ecdcd96beec11ac6b30a0baeb1aebba3
2014-12-22 17:11:04 +01:00
Paul Westbrook 7f32e9c661 Prevent AccountSettingsFragment from being stripped
Bug: 17541363
Change-Id: I970206ee37bd8cf3afa69eb464f0e8b83d52fe4f
2014-09-17 10:20:17 -07:00
Paul Westbrook bb68c13afa Changes to support smaller email tombstone apk size
This reduces the tombstone down by 100K

A follow-on cl will remove the unused resources from the tombstone build

Bug: 17414014
Change-Id: I5d38811b17a5273ec726e750ab123e10e36cee04
2014-09-16 13:59:07 -07:00
Paul Westbrook 2fb24a2e4a Use test proguard config for eng builds
Since unit tests only run on eng builds, modify the proguard config to
only keep the methods/classes needed for unit tests in eng builds

The test proguard config probably is keeping too many methods.  We should
also evaluate whether it is valid for unit test to use methods that are not
used in user builds

The resulting apk size is 8714188 bytes, from 9866129

According to the proguard output, the final number of program classes is
4409, from the previous count of 10932

Change-Id: Ie7065a454e1ff80a4b3f953684940d88b17f6db7
2014-08-01 11:08:18 -07:00
Anthony Lee 3d16e5d4b9 Move over to the new AttachmentService.
Change-Id: I4a687b003884ea6a92a755fcbf394001bfc96a38
2014-06-25 09:56:29 -07:00
Paul Westbrook 57dbc3bf02 Remove proguard config for removed class
Change-Id: Ic926aa18d6d8a889c20c7f850a200774188ad422
2014-06-17 01:37:43 -07:00
Anthony Lee 0e49862711 Introduction of DownloadQueue and associated tests.
Also a bit of cleanup around log tags and DownloadRequest.

Change-Id: I33221f099ed691e5258e1741cf0a63381404f520
2014-05-12 13:50:50 -07:00
Vikram Aggarwal afbee625ad Remove nonexistant classes and update existing ones
Change-Id: I09e2747030eca6248d51f70b2d3ce3aa3db26091
2013-01-30 14:20:58 -08:00
Marc Blank 03cd72805d Revert to old Email app
* These are the last sources in the ICS-MR1 tree

Change-Id: Ida4651bddd92a06a518d00f3e1f275ab3a80c8ae
2012-04-25 13:58:23 -07:00
Marc Blank 244d306ebb Remove more useless code
* Strike another blow for sanity!

Change-Id: Id95b441f9577abda66f04113793d6b1c60500ebe
2011-06-29 14:07:25 -07:00
Ben Komalo cad633bc1d Fix proguard flags after Account move.
Bug: 4603857
Change-Id: I8bd91ebe4b260b9ff1f53491e4cc346b7668480b
2011-06-14 10:25:27 -07:00
Todd Kennedy f04c832f23 Add ability to track mailbox recency
Change-Id: I1bcc7928ea7065a5daa262b7cea7ee3e21981675
2011-06-06 10:30:01 -07:00
Marc Blank 7ddc6538d4 Fix Policy-related unit tests (proguard flags)
Bug: 4482579
Change-Id: I321017016a39dc36dea83895c95b6acdb735bf1e
2011-05-27 10:18:08 -07:00
Makoto Onuki f8414e2efe Remove stale proguard entries
Change-Id: I9b1be6b96341184b4bf9cd96ae4535cdc19819ce
2011-05-16 13:49:26 -07:00
Todd Kennedy 347d06015e Fix unit tests
bug: 4361079
Change-Id: I4463187e4b7b6cc6b9c9e6bce5f4c1d690f52a79
2011-04-28 17:31:53 -07:00
Ben Komalo d9cf94632f Fix some unit tests
- some proguard flags were stale
- some deprecated methods were legitimately stripped - kill the tests
for them

Bug: 4330508
Change-Id: I6d5c46c99d002895377f32b203844e9a6dcf0074
2011-04-25 13:38:51 -04:00
Todd Kennedy daf869cf60 Use an Account object to create a mail sender
Instead of boiling the account down to an unusable URI, just pass along
the Account object.

Change-Id: Ida408912de29734c8f4ed9cdf09a4d633dd03002
2011-04-20 11:14:02 -07:00
Todd Kennedy a50fc99b0c Use Account instead of URI to create transports
There's no need to create a URI just to rip in appart again. Additionally, to
support additional changes (i.e. to use Mailbox instead of Folder in the
MessageController), we need to store the actual Account.

NOTE -- This change only affects IMAP and POP3. SMTP will come in a follow-on CL

Change-Id: I400036a17271c99272fd9c603547dcd713b50b9d
2011-04-20 08:31:24 -07:00
Todd Kennedy 9cc51b72c6 Attach original HTML message on forward/reply
When replying or fowarding an HTML message, we now send both plain text and
HTML bodies as a multi-part mime message. We take special care to ensure the
message bodies are in their own multi-part block and do not interfere with
any additional attachments to the message.

bug 3060920

Change-Id: I2fc3cb4e1f65bcc28486a62731b44b0ee0a99719
2011-03-03 14:37:03 -08:00
Marc Blank de45958d8b Fix proguard.flags so that unit tests pass
Change-Id: I484819a77da6bf33703ddbc2e3f08d395186dea8
2011-02-28 17:52:37 -08:00
Marc Blank dc78a769fc Email split, part dix
* The coup de grĂ¢ce for Exchange in Email
* Remove Exchange bits from AndroidManifest
* Update to create static jar for emailcommon
* Delete all files
* Delete all exchange-only strings
* Change loadAttachment service method to take only attachment id and
  background flag
* Add code to AttachmentProvider.openFile() that opens an output file
  for attachment writes
* Make sure deviceId is determined in Email app (not Exchange)

Bug: 3442973
Change-Id: I775600252fd121f474d51cb26fefbfcc50e387af
2011-02-25 10:46:16 -08:00
Todd Kennedy 040ddf60cf Resolve build warnings; part 5
Remove dependence upon URIs for creating the host auth structure

Change-Id: I92dee36fa329a8976b76bbd4991ed3469c6475f2
2011-02-16 17:38:31 -08:00
Todd Kennedy da3c80b338 Fix NoSuchMethodError for unit tests
With all the code movement, some tests were found to break. Update the
proguard config so the appropriate methods can be referenced.

bug 3460695

Change-Id: I2fc9786cc54182ba8571d87947241dcd7b2e9995
2011-02-16 15:07:43 -08:00
Marc Blank 6b6750cf5c Fix broken unit tests; fix proguard warnings
Bug: 3456565
Change-Id: Ibb3e0c2330a7d051b50ca522b7f102fb9bde0f43
2011-02-15 16:28:33 -08:00
Marc Blank 3a5c1fb274 Email split, part neuf: Setup, logging, attachment glue
* Make "Exchange" option in account setup depend upon availability of the
  Exchange EmailService
* Make presence of Exchange logging depend upon availability of the
  Exchange EmailService
* Make AttachmentDownloadService use service rather than ExchangeService
* Move SSLUtils to emailcommon/utility
* Move account manager type defs to emailcommon/AccountManagerTypes
* Update proguard.flags
* This is the penultimate CL for the Email package itself; the next CL
  creates a clean, SDK-compatible Email application

Bug: 3442973
Change-Id: I9162cf5fa6b5a043ded0fdd1e25fd3ce5948ad8f
2011-02-14 16:08:55 -08:00
Todd Kennedy 7891dcd0af Fix class names in proguard.flags
Change-Id: I76286c567049ea4ea5c468beeb23737bb292609b
2011-02-11 09:19:27 -08:00
Todd Kennedy 3a18f5f8c8 Fix "method not found" unit test errors
Not only were needed methods added to the proguard.flags file, but, the file
was generally cleaned up so that only the methods absolutely required by the
unit tests are specified.

Change-Id: If888d69325c3138815e39218d05eec473d5d72b6
2011-02-07 17:27:43 -08:00
Makoto Onuki d2dac0fd6c Implement screen transition animation.
Bug 3137919

Change-Id: I077768bffb1eb246fdaa7d2def30c7b132566d69
2010-11-23 10:17:54 -08:00
Andrew Stadler 71cc035c55 Fragmentize AccountSettings
This is phase 1, which simply replaces the phone UX with a fragment-based
equivalent.  A subsequent CL will convert it to a large-format multi-pane

Also fix a latent bug in the signatures of the Incoming & Outgoing
settings, both in the reflection code and in the proguard flags.

Change-Id: I86e857af8b9573c0d6070bb21053ce65bb7fe8a0
2010-08-09 10:36:50 -07:00
Makoto Onuki 7d3519151a Tests for IMAP FETCH
Adding regression test for the new IMAP parser.

Change-Id: Iac7f5c022e44ca5f06f735e145af15cc459eb61f
2010-05-18 10:48:11 -07:00
Makoto Onuki af6724527e Added a test for IMAP APPEND
It's a preliminary change for IMAP bug fixes.

- Fixed a potential bug in ImapFolder.setFlags where it'd throw
  StringIndexOutOfBoundsException if flags is empty.

- Added a generic flag to proguard.flags so that now all methods with
  the "ForTest" sufix are automatically preserved.
  Turned out it wasn't needed for this CL, but it should come in handy

Bug 2538076
Change-Id: I49a08afc196c7b7f1f30477dfc38ac5381045d84
2010-04-06 14:33:43 -07:00
Makoto Onuki 0fdcac8028 Fix failing unit tests.
Bug 2534698
Bug 2534665

Change-Id: If07fc7113b517059bee937d019d464e9c1bc600f
2010-03-22 15:01:33 -07:00
Makoto Onuki 20f09c16b5 Set proguard flags
Without it, email won't work properly and many of tests will fail.

Bug 2482363
2010-03-02 14:03:08 -08:00
Makoto Onuki 62a7b7fe76 Apply proguard to email.
Redoing I10a82fd8fdc16febcd880bfcf519843d5562f8e6 with more flags to keep test
only methods.
2010-02-18 16:47:19 -08:00
Makoto Onuki 4f1b4191d1 Revert "Enable Proguard."
This reverts commit c237ae8c85.

Reason: We need more flags for unit tests
2010-02-18 14:41:56 -08:00
Ying Wang c237ae8c85 Enable Proguard. 2010-02-17 19:08:10 -08:00