5 Commits (adhoc-dev)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Paul Westbrook e76b7bbf78 Fix proguard rule 6 years ago
  Paul Westbrook 4764cb8d48 Fix unit test 6 years ago
  Paul Westbrook 0ef2851aeb Add proguard rules for small unit test 6 years ago
  Paul Westbrook d37ca267dd Clean up proguard test flags file 6 years ago
  Paul Westbrook 2fb24a2e4a Use test proguard config for eng builds 6 years ago
  Anthony Lee 3d16e5d4b9 Move over to the new AttachmentService. 6 years ago
  Paul Westbrook 57dbc3bf02 Remove proguard config for removed class 6 years ago
  Anthony Lee 0e49862711 Introduction of DownloadQueue and associated tests. 6 years ago
  Vikram Aggarwal afbee625ad Remove nonexistant classes and update existing ones 7 years ago
  Paul Westbrook bc47398187 Merge Email1 into MR1 8 years ago
  Marc Blank cc0185f07c Manual merge of Email from jb-ub-mail 8 years ago
  Mindy Pereira d6decef1d2 Make search interaction match gmail. 8 years ago
  Marc Blank 735fec9574 Revert to old Email app 8 years ago
  Marc Blank 03cd72805d Revert to old Email app 8 years ago
  Marc Blank 244d306ebb Remove more useless code 9 years ago
  Ben Komalo a7b4efd2a7 Fix proguard flags after Account move. 9 years ago
  Ben Komalo cad633bc1d Fix proguard flags after Account move. 9 years ago
  Todd Kennedy f04c832f23 Add ability to track mailbox recency 9 years ago
  Marc Blank 7ddc6538d4 Fix Policy-related unit tests (proguard flags) 9 years ago
  Makoto Onuki f8414e2efe Remove stale proguard entries 9 years ago
  Todd Kennedy 347d06015e Fix unit tests 9 years ago
  Ben Komalo d9cf94632f Fix some unit tests 9 years ago
  Todd Kennedy daf869cf60 Use an Account object to create a mail sender 9 years ago
  Todd Kennedy a50fc99b0c Use Account instead of URI to create transports 9 years ago
  Todd Kennedy d8bce7e731 DO NOT MERGE Add original HTML message to forward/reply 9 years ago
  Todd Kennedy 9cc51b72c6 Attach original HTML message on forward/reply 9 years ago
  Marc Blank de45958d8b Fix proguard.flags so that unit tests pass 9 years ago
  Marc Blank dc78a769fc Email split, part dix 9 years ago
  Todd Kennedy 040ddf60cf Resolve build warnings; part 5 9 years ago
  Todd Kennedy da3c80b338 Fix NoSuchMethodError for unit tests 9 years ago
  Marc Blank 6b6750cf5c Fix broken unit tests; fix proguard warnings 9 years ago
  Marc Blank 3a5c1fb274 Email split, part neuf: Setup, logging, attachment glue 9 years ago
  Todd Kennedy 7891dcd0af Fix class names in proguard.flags 9 years ago
  Todd Kennedy 3a18f5f8c8 Fix "method not found" unit test errors 9 years ago
  Makoto Onuki d2dac0fd6c Implement screen transition animation. 10 years ago
  Makoto Onuki a599ee773d DO NOT MERGE: Tests for IMAP FETCH 10 years ago
  Andrew Stadler 71cc035c55 Fragmentize AccountSettings 10 years ago
  Makoto Onuki 7d3519151a Tests for IMAP FETCH 10 years ago
  Makoto Onuki af6724527e Added a test for IMAP APPEND 10 years ago
  Makoto Onuki 0fdcac8028 Fix failing unit tests. 10 years ago
  Makoto Onuki 20f09c16b5 Set proguard flags 10 years ago
  Makoto Onuki 62a7b7fe76 Apply proguard to email. 10 years ago
  Makoto Onuki 4f1b4191d1 Revert "Enable Proguard." 10 years ago
  Ying Wang c237ae8c85 Enable Proguard. 10 years ago