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173210 6069b629fa Add a new device: sc02c
Change-Id: Ia125e797ea0bd6e673f3d53e3bdbee73d1cb3567
8 years ago
Dorian Snyder 270d3be0a5 galaxys2-common: cleanup tinyalsa audio flag inheritance
also allow r760 to access files

Change-Id: Icd116d6dd47158dd1f61fc8e2b7bd268e1a77210
9 years ago
Daniel Hillenbrand 954a88f71a galaxys2: move device settings from i9100
Change-Id: I9209974db9ce5b013fc56f2249ff8b4c511d5eaa
10 years ago
sbrissen cbb1f1e108 Allow d710 to pull from common repo
Change-Id: I1c6a10d8ab9efd98baebb95306c092aa1d699764
11 years ago
Daniel Hillenbrand 51841ab0c5 initial commit 11 years ago