Free/libre software for Kobo ebook readers
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Cosmin Gorgovan 2c253e5bec Update koreader 2 years ago
firmware-okreader/DEBIAN Distribute the Broadcom WiFi adapter firmware licence 3 years ago
kobo_hwconfig Add license files 2 years ago
koreader @ d3d30c405a Update koreader 2 years ago
koreader-pkg Update koreader 2 years ago
linux @ 901d32d805 Update kernel revision 5 years ago
linux-okreader-modules/DEBIAN Add build tools for kernel image, modules and firmware 5 years ago
u-boot @ 8892136c43 Build u-boot 4 years ago
linux_backports.patch Automatically patch linux backports to build against linux-okreader 4 years ago